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The ADA Exploration Story

In the not too distant future, a brave group of pioneer Explorers left the ravaged surface of our planet to explore the solar system in the hope of finding somewhere to cultivate a new world, allowing the human race to survive.

In the year 2157, it was evident the Earth would no longer be able to sustain the human population. As the Earth’s natural resources dangerously depleted, it led to atmospheric changes that created devastating tidal shifts and unpredictable natural disasters that destroyed vast civilisations and entire countries.

The world leaders joined together in constructing a unique space exploration programme, with the common goal of finding a sustainable habitat on another planet. They selected an elite squad of ADA Explorers who would journey to planets, galaxies and other areas of planetary interest. The task at hand was to successfully acquire samples of organic materials and rock crystallisations for analysis.

The Explorers would have to brave unknown perils and obvious dangers to complete their mission and return with vital information on discovering a new habitable world, allowing mankind to thrive once again. In their haste on returning back to Earth with their findings, they did not return alone. 

This is their journey…



Name – Captain Apollo

Project Role – Project Manager

Day2Day – Trade Manager

Favourite NFT project – Spacebudz


Name – Buzz Aldrin

Project Role – 3D Art developer

Day2Day – Graphical designer

Favourite NFT project – Clay Nation

NFT 10

Name – Captain Ripley

Project Role – Exploration/NFT Expert

Day2Day – Chemical Engineer

Favourite NFT project – Chilled Kongs


Space Expedition (Q2)

Voyage Back to Earth (Q3)

Future Exploration



2% Royalties retained by Holders-Discord

Distribution of secondary market royalties to loyal holders. Royalties will be set at 3% with 2% distributed to holders and the remaining 1% invested into future development.


There will be an Airdrop to 70% of Explorers from ADA Exploration. This will unlock a hidden secret to allow mutation to each Explorer. The airdrop series will drop against its own policy I.D.

Space Exploration Treasury

5% of proceeds from ADA Exploration will be allocated to a holder’s treasury. Holders of ADA Evolution NFTs will control this treasury and will be able to propose and vote on its utility.

Examples of investment proposals:

  • Investment back into project, for example floor sweeping or further development.
  • Bluechip Cardano Projects
  • Native Tokens
Post launch all Holders of Explorers from ADA Exploration will have access to a verified channel dedicated to the Space Exploration Treasury, where proposals can be made and voted upon.

Future Releases

The special sample airdrop that holders will receive enables the mutation of your Explorer from ADA Exploration. This second launch will only be available to holders of ADA Exploration. There will be more details and sneak peeks to be revealed to the community during the summer of 2022. 

Space Exploration Team

The 3 Explorers running lead on this mission are based in the UK. Commanding the Exploration is a project manager, graphical designer and chemical engineer. We are all passionate about space exploration and Crypto, having been part of the CNFT community since the very beginning. We hope to bring a fun and exciting project to the CNFT space combined with all things extra-terrestrial.

By bringing a unique take on Space Exploration to the CNFT space we want to show our passion for launching a project that will have a positive influence on the Cardano community and provide a platform for all our members to have a voice. 


ADA Exploration is a mission of brave 3D space Explorers who venture into the Cardano Universe, observing galaxies and planets through their high definition visors, whilst enjoying over 110 unique traits.
22nd June 8PM UTC
200 WL spots will be available through giveaways, community engagement and quizzes.
You can find us on Twitter @ADA_Exploration and Discord https://discord.gg/qWsgCd6ZWX 
ADA Exploration will post an address on our discord announcements page and official Twitter only.
You will have the option to mint up to 3 NFT’s per transaction.
There is no limit per wallet. You can mint as many ADA Exploration NFT’s as you desire (maximum 3 per transaction).